Javier Carceller

Digital builder, data cowboy and human being

zero to mvp

Let me help you build your product from scratch the most flexible way without compromising quality and scalability.

data science

Start harnessing the power of your data today to bring your business to the next level.

tech hiring

Optimize your recruiting process by having top notch technical evaluation while not interrupting your product development.



I just love making things from scratch! I have more than 10 years experience building and scaling products from 0 to making millions of dollars of revenue with companies in USA, Europe and Asia on Telecom, Data, Internet, Healthcare and Green energy sectors.

Me and my collaborators have a great range of technologies that we work with, helping you choose the right tools for your problem.

Get in touch now to know how I can help you build up your product in a flexible and timely manner.


Join the data revolution with low risk and high returns. I will help you find ways to utilize useful data for your business in a very cost efficient way.

I offer services across the whole data science stack:
Data Engineering: Acquire, store and maintain data.Data Analysis: Visualization and business intelligence.Data Science: Custom models for your business or product needs. Machine Learning Engineering: Production level data prediction to use at a scale.


Hiring is hard, and sometimes you just can't afford your engineers to dedicate time on hiring or you just need a second (or third) opinion to hire someone.

I have interviewed hundreds of people and have hired some of them for technical roles. I am experienced in interviewing people for all kinds of technical roles, in all five continents, with different cultures and backgrounds.

Ping me if you need an extra hand on hiring to build a productive and diverse team.